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Fees, Insurance, and Payment Policies

At AMHS, we believe that mental health services should be available to everyone. AMHS is one of the few private group practices to have therapists who are enrolled and participate in insurance plans. This means that we accept payment directly from these insurance companies rather than billing the patient for the full cost of the session. However, copays and co-insurance remain the responsibility of the patient. Payment for services  is required at the time of service and can be by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Patients have a right to a detailed explanation of our charges and the payments received on their behalf. Our staff will discuss costs before treatment begins and as needed thereafter. As a convenience to our patients, we bill directly the insurance plans in which we participate. In these cases, the patient is expected to pay their deductible and/or copay at the time of the service. We do not directly bill carriers with whom we do not participate, but we will provide assistance in completing required forms. We bill based on the information available to us at the time that services are rendered.  However, Insurance companies sometimes provide us with incorrect information. The patient is responsible for payment of any discrepancy when a balance is due and will receive a credit for any overpayment. Most of the plans in which we participate and from which we receive direct payment are listed below.  Not every provider in the practice participates in every plan. 

We participate in the following insurance plans.

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